Don’t just take our word for it, read how about our customer’s experience with Urea-Z-

Kelli Rubin, July 9, 2018
“OMG!  Our artificial grass smelled SO bad from dog urine that we couldn’t go in our backyard (which is where our pool, our bar, and most of our entertainment happens) when there was any sort of humidity in the air.  We live in Arizona, so humidity is usually quite low, but anything over 20% and we were gagging! I was desperate and stumbled upon a youtube video for Urea Z.  This was the second youtube video I found; one from a woman in the UK who had a pretty great sense of humor who sold a similar product (called Top Dog Turf–you might want to watch her video), and your product Urea Z–that explained why most of the other products out there fail to work. Well, I didn’t really want to get something shipped all the way from the UK, so I was happy to find Urea Z.  It was a little spendy, so I was really hoping it would work (especially since I needed to do it in the highest dosage recommended).  So… to finally get to my point!  I sprayed it once, and had plans to do it a few nights in a row, but as life and weather would have it, that did NOT happen.  I’ve only been able to do it one time since the initial application last week.  Well, today got pretty humid in Arizona, and I can tell you, much to my surprise, there is very little smell even after one application!  I’m so excited and grateful for this product!  FYI, I do finally get to apply it again tonight and hope to do so every other day (not at full strength) for the rest of this week.
I’ve NEVER sent a review on any product I’ve ever used, but this merits one!  Thanks again, and I will be telling anyone and everyone who has this problem about your product!”


Millie Lee, August 18, 2018
“I have four 100 pound dogs and it is the only thing I have used that really works!”

Barb Baker, July 24, 2018
“Got rid of all the odors.”

Shannon Heitman, September 19, 2018
“I was pleasantly surprised that this actually worked! I have built up my “colony” and its really taking care of the pet odors on my artificial grass.”