How to Remove Urine Odor from Concerete and Hardscape – Urea-Z®

Urea-Z is highly concentrated product filled with tiny microbes that eat up the urine crystals that cause that awful urine odor. Here are our recommendations on how best to use the product to remove the urine odor from concrete and hardscapes.

urea-z remove odor from artificial turf


1) Pour 8 ounces from the bottle of concentrated Urea-Z® into the 1-gallon spray bottle.

2) Fill the remainder of the space with water.

3) Let sit for 10 minutes

4) Thoroughly soak the problem area with this product.

5) Repeat this process every other day for 1 week.

During the time in between spraying Urea-Z, gently wet the problem area to keep it moist and wake the microbes back up. The microbes are little animals that survive on food (urea crystals) and water. So an easy way to keep them awake and eating is to simply wet them down.

HOW IT WORKS: Urea-Z® consists of billions of microbes designed to ingest the urea crystals out of the urine removing the pungent smell. These microbes are colonizing microbes, which means that every twenty minutes they double their numbers, speeding up the process of converting the urea crystals into water and carbon dioxide, removing the unwanted smell faster and faster each time it is used!

When you spray a contaminated area the microbes eat the urea crystals until the food supply is consumed and then go dormant. If the area is re-contaminated during the life cycle of the microbes they will re-active and continue eating the urea crystals.

SHELF LIFE: In the unaltered concentrated form, Urea-Z®  microbes will last for 6-12 months. Once added to water the Urea-Z® microbes stay alive for 7-21 days.