Urea-Z Urine Odor Remover F.A.Q.

Is Urea-Z Safe?

YES! Urea-Z is safe to use where you have animals, people, marine life, and plants! The little microbes inside the solution only eat the Urea crystal that makes urine smell bad, that’s it! The microbes are asleep in the Urea-Z concentrate bottles they come in, and they don’t wake up until they are added to water. This allows a longer shelf life for the microbes when you are not using them!

Why Urea-Z?

Because it works! Urea-Z is a 16X professional strength formula developed by microbiologists to specifically target and remove urine odor safely and permanently. The advanced formula gets rid of the foul odor from its source, leaving zero traces of the awful urine smell so you can get back to enjoying your indoor/outdoor space again.

There are over 3 trillion microbes (the 100% safe kind) that specifically feed on the odor-causing ammonia smell (urea: one of the waste products found in urine). The safe microbes will continue to consume/digest the odor-causing smell until their food source is completely gone, therefore leaving zero detection of the awful odor.

How Does Urea-Z Work?

Urea-Z consists of billions of microbes designed to eat urea, a chemical found in urine, that produces the pungent ammonia smell. The microbes ingest the urea crystals out of the urine and convert them into water and urea-z 16-ounce on artificial grass with a dog toycarbon dioxide (an odorless gas). These microbes are colonizing microbes, which means that every twenty minutes they double their numbers, speeding up the process of converting the urea crystal into water and carbon dioxide, removing the unwanted smell faster and faster each time it is used! Also, these microbes stay alive for anywhere from days to weeks depending on urea crystals available for consumption. Therefore if you spray a contaminated area the microbes will keep eating and go dormant, then wake back up and eat again if the area is re-contaminated!

How do you get urine smell out of fake grass?

The microbes in Urea-Z eat up the urine crystals, so the smell isn’t masked it’s gone! Once the microbes have eaten all the urine crystals from the months or years of urine that have been soaked into your fake grass, the maintenance is simple. You usually only have to spray your fake grass once per week to keep enough microbes on the grass to keep eating the urine crystals to keep the smell away.

How long does Urea-Z take to remove the smell?

There is a minty-fresh smell to Urea-Z that instantly controls the urine smell. Then the microbes will be eating the urea crystals, as well as doubling in size to colonize the problem area and speed up the process of removing the cause of the unwanted smell. This process can take anywhere from 3-5 days to remove the smell depending on the amount of saturation from the urine and how much Urea-Z is used in the area, to keep the smell from returning.

The beautiful part of Urea-Z is that once you begin to use the product consistently and find the proper timing of re-spraying the areas due to the amount of urine that is deposited in this area, you won’t have to endure that urine smell again because the microbes will wake up and eat the urea crystals if the area is contaminated between the Urea-Z spraying sessions!

How Often Should I Spray Urea-Z on the Smelly Areas?

For the first two weeks, you are building up the colony of microbe soldiers to eat the urea crystals. So it is important to treat the areas daily for 3-5 days. Make sure to spray the urine areas generously with Urea-Z. Once the microbes have had a chance to multiply over and over again, you will only need to spray the problem areas ever two or three weeks, depending on how often it is re-contaminated. The beauty of Urea-Z is that when the area is contaminated again, the microbes wake up again and start eating the urea crystals right away!

How long does Urea-Z last once mixed with water? 

Once mixed with water, the microbes will stay alive for 2-3 weeks. So it is a good idea to only mix what you are planning on using that day, or that week.

How long does Urea-Z last before mixing with water? What is Urea-Z shelf life?

Urea-Z lasts for up to a year when not mixed with water. It is best to store Urea-Z in a cool dark space. If you are worried your product has gone bad, open up the bottle and smell it. It if smell really stinky, a rotten odor, then it has gone bad. If it smells normal, it is most likely still good!

How much space does 1-gallon of mixed product cover?

In general, we have found that 1-gallon of mixed product will cover about 250 sq. ft. However, we don’t recommend spraying your entire yard if you don’t have to. Usually, there are areas where your pet pees, either in a corner or on one side. It is best to only spray the areas where your pet goes to the restroom.

Why is it so expensive compared to other products?

Great question! Let us explain. Urea-Z is a 16X professional strength formula in concentrate form. Meaning, 1 gallon of Urea-Z concentrate is actually equivalent to 16 gallons of product.

We could ship you a diluted formula that already has the water added like the vast majority of products you currently see on Amazon, but that would mean you would be paying a lot of money to ship water. Since shipping is based on weight/size and water is rather heavy that makes shipping water to you expensive. We thought it would make more sense to ship you the actual product as opposed to water.

When you do the math, Urea-Z is extremely competitive in regards to pricing. In fact, we are considerably less than the competition.

  • A gallon of Urea-Z concentrate = $139.95 (equivalent to 16 gallons of product)
  • $139.95 / 16 gallons = $8.75 per gallon

The competition starts at $25 per gallon and goes up from there. That makes the competition’s price over 2.5 times more expensive.

We know it’s a good deal and we hope you think so too.urea-z made in america urine odor eliminating microbe

I have used some products that were inconsistent where it was hit or miss as to whether it would work. How stable/consistent is Urea-Z?

That is a great question and something that really separates us. We pride ourselves on the highest quality standards to ensure each order has a consistent microbial concentration from batch to batch. Being able to ensure consistency is extremely important to us because we want to make sure you have the very best results each time you use it and the only way to guarantee that is to ensure that each batch has the same microbial count.

Are there any guarantees with Urea-Z?

Yes, there sure are! Urea-Z = Zero Urine Odor or Your Money Back. How’s that for a guarantee? If you follow the application instructions and do not believe Urea-Z removed your odor problem and would like your money back, just send us a quick email (gabrielle@urea-z.com), and we will provide a full refund. No questions asked. Done deal!

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