Astroturf for Dogs

Pros of installing astroturf for your dogs:

Installing artificial turf, or sometimes called astroturf, for your dog is a great option! This allows for a space where your pet can urine outdoors and the grass won’t die or turn yellow.

Cons to installing astroturf for your dogs:

One thing to keep in mind is that astroturf for dogs will start to smell like urine after some time, especially in the hot months. To keep your yard from smelling like dog urine you will need to use a product like Urea-Z. A natural microbial urine odor eliminator, that will eat up the urine crystals trapped in the astroturf and get rid of that unwanted smell.

Is astroturf low maintenance?

There is a common misconception that astroturf is low maintenance. This is actually not true. Astroturf is LOW WATER, it does not require the water that living grass does. However, it is not considered low maintenance because it still must be cleaned, sanitized, and kept up on. And in the case of pets, a product is required to keep it smelling great as well.